Class Descriptions

Family Music for Babies and Toddlers- Ages birth- 4 years

Structured around the seasons, the Cycle of Seasons engages preschool children through singing, playing musical instruments, storytelling, listening activites and movement.  All of the activities are designed to teach children essential skills for learning.  Parents and children enjoy this class together, with some independent activities for the children.

Family materials include two Musikgarten recordings, a parent book with activities to share with your child, full-color illustrated cards for listening games and a cloth pouch.

This first class includes music and sounds from the natural world and instrumental sounds. We will focus on training the ear, coordination of the body and voice, an introduction to instrumental ensembles, and symbolic thinking- the first steps in reading music.

Music Makers: Around the World

The second part of Music Makers introduces your child to music from the British Isles, Germany, Native American cultures and African-American heritage. We will focus on music literacy, instrument playing, structured dance all while creating an awareness and appreciation of our multicultural world

Cycle of Seasons Ages 3-5
Music Makers- Ages 4-7

In each class, children and their parents will experience the joy of making music as they sing, dance and play a variety of instruments.  The curriculum will nurture your child's musical aptitude and listening abilities, as well as lay the foundation for purposeful movement and vocal development. Our movement activities help instill body awareness and control, coordination and the joy of musical movement.


Family materials include a Musikgarten recording, a parent book with activities to share at home and an instrument to use at home.



Music Makers: My Home Place

Piano Partners - Ages 5+

Two children meet weekly to begin their journey on the piano.  Classes also include singing, drumming, movement as well as ensemble playing and reading and writing music. 

Family materials include Musikgarten listening and practice recordings, children's instruction book with notation games, repertoire pieces, sight reading, composing opportunities and exercises for developing literacy skills.